15 Fun Fall Activities To Do With Your Dog

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Fall is our ultimate favorite!

This is the place for all Fall Fun for you and your furry friend! 

Depending on where you live of course, Fall is likely in full effect!  But in case it is not, continue reading along because many of these can be applied to year round festivities just as well!

  1. Pumpkin Picking-  It only made sense for us to start with this one!  You may find a local farm or market, and a quick visit or call could mean your sweet pup gets to tag along and sniff out the perfect pumpkin!
  2. Piles of Leaves-  I strongly believe that dogs like piles of leaves even more than children!  Most have few reservations and it is loads of fun to watch them play!  Feel free to join in and snap some selfies!
  3. Make Fall Dog Bandanas-  many craft stores allow dogs, and they especially love the ride!   Find some fun Fall or Halloween fabric and get creative.  No sewing required (though it can also be done this way for the crafty folks)!
  4. Photo Shoot-  Snap some on the fly or a planned event, but if you're combining any activities from 1, 2 and 3 above, it's an easy start!  Check out our favorite selfie stick on amazon that is not only super portable, but also has an extension at 40", a tripod, and has a wireless remote!
  5. Pup-a-cino and Latte-  Find a local coffee shop or cruise the internet to see where you can grab a warm cup of love for you and pup, too!
  6. Scenic Drive-  This may be the Fall favorite for you both, with the wind flowing in your hair like you just don't care!  Vibrant colors can't help but keep you smiling.  (PS if you love the dog hair in the wind but not in the car, this is our budget friendly dog car seat cover.)
  7. Twin or Treating- Get it?  😊  Get a little matchy-matchy with your costumes!  Some are simple and cute like shirts- so fun and can be worn whenever.
  8. Dog Park Events-  Where we live, these are always happening!  We sure do love a good doggo Halloween Bash.  You will surely see the most pawesome costumes!  
  9. Give Thanks-  Giving always helps us the get warm fuzzies!  Stop by your groomer, vet, or a play pals house and bring them a sweet gift.  (Bonus- if you wear your Halloween costume, it's extra exciting and you get more use out of it!)
  10. Take a Hike-  Hiking is amazing for so many reasons, but Fall is super special and scenic.  Find all accessories needed with our Pet Collection including leashes, water bottles and bowlstowels, Mud Buster for paws, carry sling and totes...  and don't forget the joint health supplements for the dogs that need some extra support to take on the task!  (helpful hint- we also have phenomenal products for your own joint health to aid in reducing inflammation, pain and increase mobility!)
  11. Football with Friends-  Make some easy appetizers and catch a game with some pup pals.  Cheer on your favorite team!
  12. Movie Marathon-  No better time to snuggle up with Netflix and your pooch than cooler weather!   For some extra coziness, this orthopedic dog bed comes with a washable cover, multiple sizes, and has a 4.6 rating with over 36,000 positive reviews!  Sounds like a sweet set up for success!
  13. Make Pumpkin Treats- Whip up some pumpkin treats for yourself or your dog, or both!  Pumpkin is incredibly healthy including rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is low in calories, will boost your immune system, improve digestion, and can help lower your risk of chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease.  It's no wonder we LOVE pumpkin everything!
  14. Go Shopping-  Together is the best place to be.  Check out your local or internet resources on where you and your dog can shop together for colder weather or holiday items!   Whether is hot cocoa or Home Depot, you're likely to find a suitable option to stay active together.
  15. Cold Weather Cozy Up-  Reality settles in when the weather is turning colder and it is time to bundle up a bit.  We saw these dog warm paw protector's on our neighbor's dogs and thought that they were brilliant!  With varying sizes and colors, these are definitely a win for a cold weather treat.  Whether it's with blankets, scarves, hats, or slippers- cozy is a wonderful place to be!

That's a wrap!  Which one is your favorite?!

October 24, 2022 — lori glassbrenner