We are a family owned small business with over 30 years combined experience in Physical and Occupational Therapy.  Our clinical experience has afforded us the astounding opportunity to impact and improve the lives of others through mind and body.

We invite our customers to feel comfortable choosing our hand-picked products for reclaiming or refreshing your healthy, happy lifestyle.  We have carefully chosen these items based on our rehabilitation backgrounds and our own engaged experiences.

We believe that being active has exceptional benefits for both people and pooches, and that the art of togetherness is the ultimate joy.

Our hope for for each customer (person or dog or both!) is to:

  • Have confidence in your journey of being active and be rewarded with long lasting benefits.
  • Gain momentum with mobility and enjoy playful success in daily life.
  • Be inspired to create memories with new adventures.
  • Align with physical and mental wellness, making healthy a priority.
  • Address injuries or ailments firstly with a simple approach, connecting with and honoring your mind and body.
  • Share your passion and purpose with others.  Shine your light so that others may glow as you do.