"I am a 47 year old police officer with a knee injury acquired during 9/11.  I was slowly losing the ability to play sports as I would be in too much pain for the next two days.  Flexicose is magical!  I have resumed my athletics schedule with a vengeance.  I can now play whenever I feel like it, with only moderate soreness the next day.  The next day after that I am back to normal.  I literally feel like I am in my late 20s again!"

- Terrance


"I am very pleased to report that I experienced immediate results using Flexicose.  My stiffness and pain have been nearly eliminated and my mobility has greatly improved.  I am also impressed with the innovative bottle design."

- Dr. Dennis, Chiropractor


"My ten year old pit bull no longer limps and is acting like a puppy again.  He no longer gets sore after runs.  You can definitely tell that he is happier and pain free.  Honestly, you have extended the life of my pet, who is a huge part of my life.  I have already recommended Flexicose to others."

- Martin


"Having exhausted other options for years to manage my chronic shoulder pain, I tried FlexicosePLUS and I am back to my regular workout schedule."

- Trace H.


"Our dog is 16 years old and has taken Flexicose for years.  In fact, the only way that I can get him to take his other pills is to crush it and mix it with his Flexicose, he loves it and it has helped give him a longer life with more quality."

- Deb