BEST Topical Joint Pain Relief!  Artrosilium is safe, natural, vegan and made in the USA.  It is hypo-allergenic and should not produce any skin or body reactions.

This topical gel is exceptionally absorbed by your skin, simply apply directly to the affected area.  #1 Best Seller in the UK!

Artrosilium has main ingredient of organic silica gel, developed by Norbert Duffaut at the CNRS Institute for the treatment of joint pain.  It is also power packed with natural substances that have beneficial effects on pain such as meadow sweet – well known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties and blackcurrant which has been used to treat joint pain for centuries.

The gel can be applied up to 2-3 times daily.  Many people experience instant results, but we recommend you continue to apply the gel for up to three weeks. 

Product has not been tested on animals and is vegan.l